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    On air compressors you said:
    "You can build your own seperator out of 2" pipe, I posted the information on here someplace about a month ago. "
    I went looking but could not find that post ... are you sure it was here?


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    it's in this thread bob:

    - jack


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      Thank You!! to Jack and Franz

      I got it now. I can do something like that. It will be a while, but I hope to post some pix of how the "re-tank" turns out. New tank came un-painted so that is my first priority.

      I know that desicant in auto-air systems can be dried by pulling a vaccumn. Anybody know if that will work with silica gel (like comes in little bags with computer equipment)? I have been collecting those.



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        Silica Gel is what is in refridgeration driers, more or less the same material is used in desicant driers.
        You can remove the water by pulling a vacuum, and holding it, because water will become vapor and get sucked out of the SG at room temperature under around 28" of vacuum.
        It's far more cost effective to bake the silica gel at 250* or above than it is to vacuum the water free.
        Ideally, if you have to use a descicant drier, you want it as close to the point of use as is possible.

        Jack, thanks for finding & posting that thread.


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          Again your making an air pressure vessel which are made all the time by certified welders. Must be properly designed and tested. Much safer to make one using threaded pipe fittings.

          I would use a new or salvaged truck air brake volume tank mounted vertically. Have a perferated dip tube at top inlet extend 2/3 into tank with end of dip tube sealed. Perferations on dip tube would start at 1/2 way point, well past VT/seperator side outlet which would be at highest large side fitting. I would silver solder dip tube into pipe nipple. Then screw pipe nipple with dip tube into top VT fitting. Fill tank with glass marbles or marble size wash gravel to make air follow tortuous path to improve it's efficiency. Regular draining of VT/seperator required with auto timed solenoid drain valve best.


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            One note if you are going to use silica gel, try to purchase indicating silica gel. The advantage of this is that when the silica gel is fully saturated it changes color. I work in a chemistry lab and we use the stuff all the time, when it changes color just throw it in the oven till it changes back to the original color.