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New Hobart handler 135 (problem)

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  • New Hobart handler 135 (problem)

    I just got done unpacking my new welder ,put it all together double checked everything . It turns on and you can hear the fan but when you pull the trigger the feed motor will not turn,the (2) small wires from the gun are hooked up. Any ideas on what may be wrong?

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    I assume the wire speed dial is turned past zero?


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      Also check the voltage is to 1 thru 4 and not on the purge position. (You probably did that)

      First Guess:
      There have been cases where the wires in the torch are open or broken. Try momentarily shorting the terminals in the welder with a jumper ... if the feed starts to run then the fault is in the torch assembly somewhere. (that is a fairly low voltage circuit)
      If you have an ohm-meter or continuity checker you could also test the torch. The terminals should be shorted with the trigger is pulled.

      The Hobart folks are very responsive and should quickly also respond to your post.

      In some of the reports, the owner has dis-assembled the torch and repaired it on their own ... don't think that would compromise warranty ??? and would be quicker that mailing for replacement.



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        Well I think I found the problem! The plug with the 7 wires coming out of it that plugs into the circuit board was unplugged,I pluged it back in and the wire feed motor works.


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          Well I tryed the welder and it works, I can only think that the plug in was not pushed in all the way at the factory or was never plugged in at all as it has a lock on it that would make it impossible to come loose during shipping.


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            Welcome aboard;

            I wish is was under better circumstances but please call myself or Rock at 1-800-332-3281 so we can record the serial number and provide feedback to the production people. If the plug is not fully latched before shipping the plug can work itself loose. Thank you for the information and good luck with your Handler.

            [email protected]


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              This board makes me have a good feeling about choosing Hobart,I will be buying a TIG in the near future and believe I will make it a Hobart,Mainly because of this board .