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USA. made 4-1/2" electric grinder

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  • USA. made 4-1/2" electric grinder

    Well it has been a while since I have seen a high quality,affordable,USA made small hand grinder all in one tool,but I found this today on ebay.Per the add,this is made by Dynabrade in the USA and is retailing on this site for only $89.95 + $9.95 for shipping.I dont personaly own a 4-1/2" grinder,right now,because I have not found one yet that meets my expectations.I want an electric grinder to hold up like my air grinders have held up for many years.I have seen a bunch of the Milwaukee,dewalt,Makita ,Bosch and import grinders that could'nt make the grade,when it came to the abuse of a multi-user plant enviroment, over the years.I am not saying that there is anything wrong with the above mentioned brands,especialy in a single-user enviroment,just that they could not handle the severe abuse that was thown at them in the plant enviroment.One important note is that we also did not buy the most expensive models,because the expensive ones tend to grow legs and walk away.While I have not seen this type of Dynabrade tool,I have used and owned many many Dynabrade products.I have never had any problems with Dynabrade that were not operator induced.When I was in the plant,We ordered dozens of the Dynabrade dynafiles and they were pretty tough units.They had often seen a lot of abuse in the plant,but were quite durable and were also quite easily repaired or rebuilt.AS I said.I dont know anything about this grinder,but I think that I may try one at this price,just for curiosity sake.

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    havent tried them

    but it seems to be a fine grinder. looks as if it is well made. the only way to tell is to put the dice on the table and roll. i have had good luck with my bosch's so i cant' speak good or bad on the dynabrade. but the name does carry some weight as they do produce some nice tools. so it could be a gamble, it may not be what you want or you may well pleased due to your high standards you may have a hard time finding a grinder to fill the bill.
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