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HH135 wire not feeding

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  • HH135 wire not feeding

    I haven't used the welder for about six months and went to weld today but the wire wasn't feeding out. I replaced the tip with a new one but still nothing. I tried without the tip...still nothing. The roller isn't rotating, I varied the tension, still nothing. I pulled the wire and didn't feel it binding. I pulled about 10 feet and cut it..tried again..still nothing. I hear it clicking but not rotating....HELP.

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    A couple of things you may want to check on your unit. Have you tried it in voltage ranges 1,2,3,4. Also where the two leads that run into the unit from the mig gun and plug into the unit by the positive and negative terminals,remove the two leads and take a small pair of pliers or screwdriver and short across the two terminals and see if your motor turns. If neither one of these things work call myself or Rock at 1-800-332-3281 and we will help you out.
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