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  • Cordless feeder

    Has anyone ever used one of those battery powered cordless innershield feeders? If it worked it sure looks handy. I wonder how long the batteries would sit around? It wouldnt get used a lot but would be great in a pickup truck and would save some service truck trips maybe.

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    I was thinkin the same thing.Our local Central Tractor went under a few years ago and they had a Century cordless wire feed,135 amps and supposedly will weld 4 or 5 feet on a single charge,not sure about the battery though,i'd probably keep it on a trickle charger i guess.Well anyways stupid me looked at it a couple different times but never bought it,the one day i told myself i would just go and buy it and get it over with,it was gone.OK,now for the kick in the azz,it was on clearance for $150!,Iknow,i know,that was not one of my smarter moves,live and learn i guess


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      It would be nice to find out about the batteries. I wonder if it was used little or lots whether it would make a difference and if they last 5 yrs or what. Ya, it was 360 on the site and if there was one for 150 I am going for it. ha I would like to see a bat powered grinder but I was thinking I add an inverter and I have a Q bottle of oxy and 20# LP bottle and electric impact to my pickup truck and I could save some drive time for little fixits on the road. Keep all that stuff right on there and that welder only weighs 48#.
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        LP aye,i run that in the shop and on the truck,20# bottle lasts forever and you can't beat the refill price either ,not as hot as acetylene but cuts anything i've ever run into,i'd like a little more heat for bending things quicker but i've adapted to the LP just fine.I not sure you could hold a cordless grinder up by yourself if they made one.That would have to be some battery!


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          I am suprised they havnt made one yet. They have little skill saw and it could use the same. Obviously it wouldnt be long use type of thing but could certainly find a place. Probably 3/4 of the time I pick mine up it is to nick something or to clean a little rust or just debur. We can cut without slag,, ha. Has anyone tried putting a couple of 12 batteries in series to weld on? I know 3 will work but would the voltage drop too low on 2? I dont remember how they controlled them.
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