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Maxtar 200 DX VS Dynasty 200 DX

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  • Maxtar 200 DX VS Dynasty 200 DX


    I am still up in the air as to what I will end up buying.

    The syncrowave 180sd was grabbing my attention. I also am thinking of the Thermal arc 185tsw...but the transformer style welder was pulling me in that direction...due to my maintenance experience in heavy industry [But that is another story].

    So anyway, being conservative in nature, I want to buy from a supplier that I think will be there to support the product in five or ten years. Especially if I would go with inverter technology. And yes, I understand there is no gurantee today, no matter what the color, that the vendor will be there in five years

    Now I am focusing on Miller. I do like the advantages of an inverter unit. If I go inverter I may want to go with the bigger name...So now comes the question.

    The maxtar 200 DX and Dynasty 200 DX seem really close in specifications. I think the only differences are AC freqency control, and fan on demand. I don't know if the "built in pulser" is unique to the Dynasty 200 or not.

    Is the Dynasty 200 DX worth $500 more than the Maxtar 200 DX?? Are there advantages that I am missing.

    I'm getting ready to blow my budget!


    Near Pgh, PA

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    The Maxstar 200 is a DC only machine...
    Bill C
    "The more I learn about welding the more I find there is to learn..."


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      Well...guess that answers that question...why I did not pick that up before posting the question? Got me!

      Guess I am suffering from decision overthink!

      One less choice now! I do want the AC for aluminum...

      Near Pgh, PA