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  • Looking to upgrade TIG

    I want to move up from my Maxstar 200DX to a more powerful unit that is also AC. The Dynasty 300 looks great, however, the Syncro 350 LX has more umph at 400 amps. The tig runner packages for the Dyn300 and the 350LX are about the same in price. I guess my question revolves around the "real" useful differences with the inverter arc (the Maxstar's is great) and the pulsing controls do give a lot of flexability -- which is the more important especially for alum. The inverter's arc/freq/pulse advantage OR the 350 LX aditional power/amps. Yea, the inverter does not need a 100 plus breaker either, I've already run a 6 ga. single phase 240 to my shop. So, what a choice? Thanks

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    To me there is only one pick,the dynasty.At my friends sheetmetal shop the have a 350LX,and I like the look of the narrow cleaning zone of the dynasty.The 350 cannot make that zone smaller.Six gauge wire is kind of small for the amp draw of the 350,It would melt if pushed.Still for a transformer machine the 350LX is a nice unit,but to me not nice enough.


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      Run 3 bigger wires, you can use one of the 6's for the ground.