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    Not wanting to hijack 'book' thread with my wishfull thinking. Been lurking here watching your (Scott V's) powermig 300's posts,and it sure looks like it has the most juice out'there , but at the cost of selling your soul to the devil-"synergic alignment", "pulsed" "chopper" etc. etc.
    I allready have Dc only tig/stick-want an ac/dc unit. All I really want is a Cv only mig machine with the power of the 300 without the bs I don't need glitter just guts.
    However having said that nobody seems to be steping up to the plate to match lincolns single phase power source and since I have my doubts about the power company hooking up 3-phase to my home shop- I will let the 'electronic' dust settle awhile longer over at lincoln than probally make the 'upgrade' move.

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    Planet X

    For a basic MIG welder a MM251 gives you more power than you will probably ever really need.
    MigMaster 250- Smooth arc with a good touch of softness to it. Good weld puddle wetout. Light spatter producer.
    Ironman 230 - Soft arc with a touch of agressiveness to it. Very good weld puddle wet out. Light spatter producer.

    PM 180C

    HH 125 EZ - impressive little fluxcore only unit


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      I know you don't want glitter,but If you added a cheap used feeder to this machice it will weld all day at 300 amps 100% duty-cyle.when this machine came out in about 1989 it was leaving the red,blue guys just dumbfounded how to even start to build something like it.As a straight steelwelder is still blows away anything around this price.This has to be one of the highest quality power supplies ever built.This one has a great track record.Yes I had one so I know how it welds with a Ln9 gma feeder.No cheap parts anywhere under the cover.My personal view is,I wouldn't waste my money on anthing else.It's the MK2000A


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        Originally posted by Dan
        Planet X

        For a basic MIG welder a MM251 gives you more power than you will probably ever really need.
        Thanks for the reply Dan, got the red version of that machine (dealer had more margin to work with than blue).
        Lookin forward to more of your trophy pics.


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          Originally posted by Scott V
          .No cheap parts anywhere under the cover.MK2000A

          So are you saying that it will cost one of my ********s to repair?

          I talked to those guys sounds like they've got some deal in the works w/lincoln centered around the powermig 300...

          We are in escrow right now so hopefully they may have some of those left when the house buying dust settles. My current inverter is little Italian jobber (kraze arc)200sd tec-vert, pretty sure a company called air arc imports them . Really wish I did not get sucked into the high amp potential since it is a Dc only machine no go on gtaw aluminum.
          I don't use it very much but I am dreading the day I have to get something repaired- if I could do it over I would buy a 180 sd or similiar red ac/dc tig machine or better yet something in the 300 series, course it's all about the $$$.
          Anyway thanks for you input/opinions.


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            Mk doesn't build things with a 300 amp 100%duty-cycle 1/3 phase inverter to blow up,being smaller they cannot afford too much bad press.
            In fact I am going to see tomorow if I can work out a deal to get mine back.Using the Miller 185 I just got for trade bait.That way the powermig can stay hooked up for Aluminum.I can put the Mk on my little wagon with my voltage sensing feeder for something about as light as my sp 175 with the cart.

            I like the adjustable slope,and inductance,it's real handy for changing the arc about anyway you want it.

            Inverters have been out long enough to get real reliable.They wouldn't sell very many plasma cutters if they were not.

            I do see where you are coming from,but everything is going to be some kind of hybrid Inverter transformer pretty soon or real inverter..So you might as well get used to it.