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Selling MM175... going to a bigger unit

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  • Selling MM175... going to a bigger unit

    After much thought...I need a bigger unit and want to get into the tig side. So I have to part with my MM175 to get a SD180 or larger machine. I have been reading some interesting discussions of the Miller and Pro-Wave units. The MM175 is less than 1 year old and still has its first 10lb spool of wire and is in new condition (its even been waxed) It truly is a great machine. My wife can't seem to figure out "you can never have too many welders" If anyone is interested in the me at [email protected] I live in the Cleveland, Ohio area.

    Thank you

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    too many welders? My wife says the same about motorcycles. If it was me then I would just sneak in the new tig and make something cool for her. Then she couldn't ***** too much. If ya want to go the up front route tell her that you can make money with these tools.
    Art is dangerous!


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      Hey Chadrat,
      Very clever! She thinks we are all crazy! With all this stuff about sparks flying, weld puddles, hot passes, etc., she believes their is some kind of hidden **** in this site.

      Life is good,


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        Hidden ****? Can anyone give me a hint where I can find it? what is it, naked ladies standing around some welders? Do ya have to pay to get in the hidden area?
        Art is dangerous!


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          Walt,I was always lost when they were talking about this all position stuff,now I think I am catching on?


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            OK..............NO ONE WANT'S TO GET IN TROUBLE HERE DO THEY..... I DON'T WANT TO HALFT TO DISECT AND CUT OUT WORDS...........THANKS..........................RO CK [email protected]


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              Originally posted by aweaver
              Will you guys cut the **** talk!

              If my wife were to read this post I would be banned for life! She already doesn't like me spending so much time with my computer! She really doesn't understand why I read all these posts on here anyway. And if she thought there might be another motive, ....... You get the picture.

              Pretty soon she'll want to come out and check out my shop. And although she won't find any ****, she'll find all those tools I've bought without telling her. SO STOP!
              HMMM...hey Aaron, wifey doesn't know about those tools....hmmm...let me see there should be blackmail in this thought..>..

              Ok...I won't tell your wife about your tools if you don't tell mine about my ****....LOL

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