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  • Question for Aweaver?

    Whats the deal with your 185,do you like It?Here is a thread on the chaski site with a little info about those machines down under.
    Read the last two posts.
    Adweaver maybe tell Mike
    the price you payed,if you
    want to.

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    That machine kind of sounds like the leader in the class,and maybe out of its class also for value/performance/quality.

    I have received e-mail on how negative I am on all my posts,but if they build machines like you got I will shut up about it.It kind of reminds me of the stock market,and everything was blue sky out their.When somebody should of been telling these people the negative side of things.Only so they had a chance.That's why being negative is being positive.Seems to me you went in looking for a welder not believing the hype,and with your eyes wide open.Now you got a great machine by listening to the good,and bad.Its just my take on things.Now it makes me happy you got the right machine for you.