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    This isn't exactly a welding products issue, but I figured someone on here would be able to help. I have to make 42 1/2" holes in 3/16" mild steel plate on a truck bed. I figured it would be too time consuming using regular drill bits so I went on a search for a 1/2" hole saw. It appears that 3/4" is the smallest hole saw available. I thought they made a 1/2" one, but guess not. Anyone know if they make a 1/2" hole saw, or another way besides drilling to make these 42 holes..........Thanks

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    I guess if I were doing the job I would beg, borrow, rent or steal a magnetic base drill. If I weren't able to get one of those I guess I would probably just use my Milwaukee 1/2" drill motor. I would start off drilling a smaller pilot hole ( 1/8" or 3/16" pilot drill first ) and then finish with a regular 1/2" drill bit. Use a 1/4" drill motor for the pilot holes because of the higher rpm's needed. An old fashioned oil can with some 10wt oil would make things go easier also. A hole saw would be the last thing I would use. On second thought I guess I would skip the magnetic drill and just use my 1/2" drill motor. Doesn't sound like it would be any big deal really.


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      Hougen(makers of magnetic drill presses)now make core bits that fit handheld drills sells the kit fairly cheap 5/16 up to 3/4 for around $60,if you don't already know,core bits cut the outer diameter of a hole and your left with a slug,or "core" versus a regular bit cutting the entire hole,theses are much faster and easier than a standered bit.