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Our friend Dave Evans

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  • Our friend Dave Evans

    We are saddened to announce that Dave Evans has passed away Wednesday of a suspected heart attack while traveling in Florida on Business. On Weld Talk you know Dave as one of our moderators. We knew him not only as our Training Manager but as a kind, loyal and jovial friend, always willing to help anyone at any time. He will truly be missed by everyone here and we know you will keep Dave and his family in your thoughts and prayers as will we.

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    I am too new here to have known him. But if he was a friend to this forum, he is a friend to me, and I feel his loss. My best to his family and friends.


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      Bad news. If you think it appropriate, give us an address to send a card to?

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        You may send cards and such to:

        Miller Electric/ Hobart
        c/o Dave Evans
        600 West Main Street
        Troy, OH 45373

        We will be glad to forward these on to his family.



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          I am sorry to hear that Keith. Thanks for letting as know.
          What do I know I am just an electronics technician.


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            It seems that the good truly die young. I correspondedd with Dave a bit in the past. He will be missed.


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              The good do die young. I had the pleasure of working with Dave and he will be greatly missed. He was an incredible man who had passion for what he did. He was a great trainer and the welding community lost a great resource this week. I know how much he enjoyed working out on the road and posting on this site.


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                It's times like these when I truly don't know what to say. Please convey my families condolences to all, he will surly be missed around here.
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                Regards, George

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                  Dave helped me out of more then one welding jam, I WILL TRUELY MISS HIM
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                    Wow, I think I just spoke to him a few days ago when I called about warranty on my AD helmet, if that is who would answer the phone.
                    Either way, may God bless his soul and his family left behind.
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                      Sorry to hear that, even though I don't believe I've met him. We appreciate all you folks from the company helping us out. My condolences to all family and friends!

                      Uncle Ron