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Powermig 300 is fixed.

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  • Powermig 300 is fixed.

    Ken,at the Chaski welding site got my welder dialed in for .023 welding.It's gun liner was just to big for .023.I didn't think it was that,when my welding store buddy said the same thing today.Ken told me to try my sp175plus gun on the powermig,and see what happens.I was thinking along those lines the other day,but I didn't think my little sp gun would fit,but their both tweeco back ends.

    Anyway that thing really welds .023 nice,It also pulses real nice also, which is kind of cool for keeping a small spray puddle.Now I wish my python setup would get fixed then I could show you guys something about brand X.I am just feeling a little ****y at the moment.

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    You need to ask the Lincoln experts why they couldn't have answered the question for you in the first place. I have read that smaller wire needs its own liner, but like you, I didn't fully understand why. My Tweco #1 gun is set up for .035, and it runs .023 fine, but I can see now that a larger liner with a strong feeder could push the .023 around a bit. Glad the issue is resolved.


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      I think Rock said a while ago that a too big liner allows the wire to barbar pole (twist) and makes it harder to push thru the liner or jam up all together. Like playing pool with a rope.
      It's not an optical just looks like one


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        I Tried emailing Lincoln with a reply from the second email I sent,and it came back to me.So I think they never got the second email where they wanted me to send the info to.I am going to send another one,and see if they got it.The first one they answered pretty fast,and the second one nothing?so who knows?

        I didn't think it was the gun liner just because my esab would push .023 in a 15 foot gun no problem.It had a great low end arc.That was with the factory .045 liner.The lincoln was a 12 foot gun,but has a .052 liner,which I did not know until Ken pointed it out.They really should put a warning in the manual,or under the lid next to info on the gun liners or drive rolls.Of course I probably the only moron to try out all the things they claim it could do.I have one last thing to check.That is the stick welding.The tig,and mig are great now.


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          Scott, if you ever want to use .052, all you have to do is stick on an .052 tip and run .023 wire. it will probably double up in the gun and come out as .046!


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            Yes,and it probaly would be my best welding setup.I could weld from both ends at once for some real production.