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Hypertherm 380 to 220V

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  • Hypertherm 380 to 220V

    So since I went through the hassle of adding a 220V line for my Miller 175, I figured I may as well run my Hypertherm 380 off of 220V as well. I know there's the switch on the back and I can easily buy a plug, but if I cut off the current plug, can someone tell me which wire goes where on the new plug? Please. I'm trying to learn this stuff - I did put in the new breaker needed for the 220V line, but it's taking me awhile to learn this stuff.


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    Just make sure the green ground wire goes to the ground on your 230 plug.It's the center tap on a 50 amp range plug.The other two wires can go to ether of the two remaining taps.


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      Thanks Scott.

      Got it done and the house didn't even burn down.

      .... of course I must be doing something wrong 'cause I couldn't cut through the 1/4" plate. .

      Gotta keep working on this. Thanks for the help.


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        Hypertherm has a very good customer service help line, call them with your problem, perhaps the voltage switch-over inside the rear of the plasma is in the wrong position. 1/4" should be OK with a 380.
        work safe, always wear your safety glasses.

        Edward Heimbach


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          Here is the info for hypertherm.
          Tech line:800-643-9878
          Customer svc.800-737-2978

          Web addy:
          email : [email protected]

          Good luck I hope you get things sorted out soon.
          work safe, always wear your safety glasses.

          Edward Heimbach