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robotic welders

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  • robotic welders

    anybody ever seen something like this in action ??

    I assume it's a shielded wire MIG machine ? the description doesn't say. althought the shot of the welding arm of the machine shows all kind of wires/hoses going to it

    not that I want to buy just wonder how it works ...

    edit: here's one of the pics:

    - jack
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    Jack, that's an old timer. They are fascinating to watch, provided they are programmed right. We had one here at my plant...stayed plugged in an on for 10 years before some body realized it hadn't been run in all that time...the excuse was that when the power was turned off, it would dump the program, so they kept it on for all those years....not actually running, but just enough power to keep the program in memory.

    Sometimes wisdom runs amok around here!


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      OK WHEN I BLEW UP THE CONTROLLER I COULDN'T SEE THE NAME ON IT.....................WAS IT YASNACK??????????........
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