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    I have a HH135 that I thoroughly enjoy using, however, I'll be starting a project to build a "car port" using 2"x3"x.125" walls poles and header. I'll be using the HH135 and a Lincoln 220V stick welder. I'll need to use a generator to power these two welders . What's the recommended generator size to rent?

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    Take the input voltage Times the input amps and you will get you wattage,(example HH135 Input volts 120x20amps the input amperage at max load=2,400 watts so a 3000 watt generator will run this welder. Now for the 230 volt stick I dont have the input amp rating on this but I am sure now you can find it and figure it out.
    Dave Evans


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      Thank you for your immediate reply.


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        the wire welder should run fine with any generator above 3000 watts. The stick welder is another story. I had an AC lincoln and was using a 5500 rated watt generator and it would only get to about 120 amps. You could maybe use smaller than1/8" rods and use less amps and have it work ok though. If it will reach and you don't want to go buy a generator you can get a heavy extension cord (10-12 ga)and use flux core wire with the wire welder (you just may have to support it on a ladder for the taller welds. I used to have a 110v wire welder and routinely used a 12ga 25' extension cord and it worked like a champ. Just a thought.


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          Thanks Mark, but the site I'm planning on building is in a remote ac current. I don't usually weld over 120 amps on the stick welder, so I guess a 5K gen. should work.


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            Simpler solution

            Rent a gas powered stick welder with AC outputs for your Handler. In my area, it's cheaper to go this route, and you will be assured it WILL do the job.
            BTW, I own exactly the same equipment you do. Bought the Lincoln 225AC/DC 12 years ago and the HH135 last year. Haven't used the buzzbox since!
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              One more thing. Make sure you get a generator that is RATED for at least 5000 watts. I found that some manufactorers are calling them 5000 watt models when that is PEAK output, NOT the RATED output. Just be aware of that Usually the rated output will be about 500 watts less depending on the model.