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    (I'll get this right yet - this is my original "Newbie Resources" post. New welder, new poster)

    I'm a newbie to welding (hobby type), and I've found a lot of useful information on this forum, which I really appreciate.

    In searching the net for other MIG welding information, I came across the US Army training manual for welders (TC9-237) at that many of you probably already know about. For a new welder, it's a mine of useful information for understanding the welding process and general properties of the various metals.

    This is probably old news to you guys, but there's a very useful welding heat input nomograph on page 7-57, and a similar circular calculator on the inside back cover (actually, at the end of the "Sample Form 2028" listing). They give input heat in kilojoules per inch based on voltage, travel speed, and amperage. There's also a table of maximum preheat/interpass temperatures and maximum arc welding input heats for T1 steel on page 7-58 (to help newbies get a general frame of reference for the magnitude of the welding heat values, even though they may not be welding T1) . As a learning tool, the nomograph and calculator helped me get a good overall feel for the relationship of travel speed, voltage and amperage. (I'll try to attach a screen capture of the three pages to this posting).

    There's also a US Navy Steelworker training manual NRTC 14250 (this is Volume 1) at that also has some useful stuff. Watch out for the ad windows there that open every time you change web pages.

    As I said, mainly for new welders, I think.
    Bob D