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  • plazma cutting patterns

    Just hit upon a good material for plazma cutting patterns -- PERGO laminate flooring.
    Use with the hard laminate surface up. Cut to shape with a fine-tooth band or jig saw. Flash zone of the cut erodes and undercuts the partical board substrait, but the laminate surface remains true after many cuts.

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    Plazma Patterns

    Dear Sir,

    Would you build me some patters, of course I'll pay you.
    Product: Hypertherm Plasma 30
    Note: nozzle will have direct contact with metal.
    Patterns of value:
    1) stright cut (left edge would be 1/2 inch from actual line. slot
    where gun nozzle will slide.
    2) 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1 1/4 1 1/2 ... to 5 inches for bolt holes
    3) Figures - wolf, rabbet ... (I could supply some.)
    4) squares 1, 2, 3, ... to 8 inches.

    Thank you for taking the time to read.


    [email protected]
    480 963-2135
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      Umm, Vern... look at the post date on this thread... That post was nearly SIX YEARS ago.
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        ...and if he sends them by snail could be another six!!.

        ...Heck...draw 'em and cut 'em, you can tidy up the "hand cut" edges very easily with a flap disc on a hand grinder! Loosen Up!! Plenty of art on the web free...just print to the size you want, trace with carbon paper..or I cut them out and dust the back with spray glue, stick them down and spray around the edges with white spray paint...that works well where a lots of intricate tracing would be involved. I also use a quality opaque projector to 'display' it right on the sheet metal, trace with a sharpie, then just zip it out with the plasma.
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          I agree with Hotfoot...draw it out and cut it freehand or make your own patterns. You will have fun just making the patterns. I have patterns of letters/numbers that I cut out from plywood with a jigsaw years ago. They may be charred and blackened a little in places but they still work fine. Here is a photo of a star pattern that I use a lot. It is very thin(probably 22ga). I just clamp it and trace around it with a silver pencil. If you start looking around, you can find all kinds of things to use as a pattern. I also use Hotfoot's spray paint method but I try to spray a very thin coat around the pattern...I don't like the smell of burning paint.


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            After 6 years, you should be able to get some recycled Pergo flooring pretty cheap.
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