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  • Harbor Freight Bender

    I just received my bender and have some questions for you bender experts about its functionality.

    First- Why did they include two 1.5 inch dies?

    Second- material to be bent, does it need to be held tightly by the dies when inserted or is it OK to be loose? It, of course, gets tightened up as you begin to bend it.

    Third- Are there obvious alignment marks that you use to start bending, the marks I draw on the metal are covered up by the dies so I do not know if its accurate.
    It's not an optical just looks like one

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    One of the 1.5" dies you can use as a roller, on the handle part. You can find innovative ways to hold the metal from sliding around the die, like a wedge...or you can let it slide...There's no rights or wrongs when it comes to a bender like that. The Hossfeld 2 is the same way....practice. Unfortunately, it is a Little more difficult to use that the Hossfeld 2, but it will work just fine.


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      Al T,

      I will check my set and see if I have 2 1.5". I think I have all different sizes. I will check and see.

      I usually just put mine in loose and add pressure. I have seen people use wedges. I haven't tried it but you might be able to use a welding clamp to hold it into place. Sometimes if it is loose then the bender will pull your metal around the die instead of bending it around. This could or could not be a problem. I also like using the dies for making up jigs. some 1" angle and a lil piece of 3/8" round and you can make any jig and put it in a vise. I think the dies alone are worth $50.

      I usually cut my metal a lil long then bend it up and cut it down to size if needed. No, alignment marks. If ya mess up the first time then try again. Save the messed up piece for something else.

      I would get the scroll attachment with it. I also have the twister. Their ring roller is really cool too. I think I paid $40. Always buy Harbor Freight stuff at their sales price. I know how to get the best price using their web site. If ya want to know then just ask.
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        I checked and I do have 2 1.5" dies. Like Rocky said I do use one of them on the handle. I use the scroller on mine the most and use the dies for jigs.
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          Is the Harbor Freight bender worth the money? How do manipulate the web site to get the best price?
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            Originally posted by Srubrn
            Is the Harbor Freight bender worth the money? How do manipulate the web site to get the best price?
            Good info on this thread in the forum: Welding Talk Message Boards > Welding Products > Fabrication tools