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    i am a sculptor with a hobart handler 150 mig welder and a good bit of experience welding mild steel

    i need to do a project using sliicon bronze sheet and rod mig welded with silicon bronze mig wire and would like information on proper polarity, wire feed speed and current settings for thicknesses from .047 sheet to 1/8' plate and for rod stock in the 1/4' to 1/2' range

    and any tips you might have to offer
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    I use silcon bronze for brazing. "Rod"
    I use a torch "Act Oxy" or TIG. TIG works good on light and heavy material.


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      I have done a lot of work with sil bronze wire in MIG, however I only have luck with it in spray transfer mode, using a pulsed MiG machine. Not what you need to do. Silicon bronze is for bearing build up or as a bearing surface between two steel surfaces. It tends to crack and doesn't have much tensile strength, but I have also used it to carbon braze galvanized sheet metal, and TIG weld bronze to stainless. It also works with O/A, too. For your application, I think a small MIG will give you some problems...Not sure not having done it. TIG would be the best. Easier to control.


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        I think the next question is: What is carbon brazing?

        This is using a DC arc welder with a carbon cutting rod, 3/16" carbon to create the heat and add silicon bronze rod, 1/8" in my case to weld thin galvanized sheet metal. I was doing roof gutters. 300' runs with a seam every 10'.

        I used to sharpen the carbons in a pencil sharpener, and during the brazing process the carbons would sharpen them selves as they consumed. I forget the polarity. It takes a while to get the hang of it, but it was fun. just had to stay down wind from the fumes.


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          If nobody can help you here post question at below listed news group. Ernie Leimkuhler hangs out at that site and has used silicon bronze MIG wire. It is the preferred wire to MIG weld galvanized steel because you can use silicon bronze without damage to zinc coating.

          News Group: sci.engr.joining.welding