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  • alum.weld problem

    I have a hh175 in my owners manual for welding alum. it tells me to use 5356 .035 wire set gas flow at 20 DCEP POLARITY VOLTAGE at 1 wire speed at 95. But at this set up it will not work. What I did was changed polarity to DCEN set voltage at 2 wirespeedat 100 works great. Will this hurt anything on my machine. One other thing would you recomend me getting a spoolgun for my hh175 . I e-mailed Miller and they told me that a 3035 spoolmate with a SGA-100 control box would work on my hh175. ps I am using agron . Thanks Jerry

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    Everyone uses a little different settings from each other and the setting chart. What matters is getting good results with your welds. If the POS welder breaks do it while on warrenty so they pay. Really that is a good welder and has protection devices that will turn off welder until it cools when you exceed duty cycle. Many welders start performing poor when they are too hot.

    It's your nickle but price spool gun with control box. It might be close to price of new larger welder that don't need control box. Some have gotten deals that include spoolgun free with welder. I think those specials have ended for now but check out to see if any specials are currently running.


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      alum. problem

      Roger thanks Jerry


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        in addition to what Roger said, welders are like fingerprints; each machine is going to weld a little different.