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oxy acetylyne QUESTION....(sp?)

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  • oxy acetylyne QUESTION....(sp?)

    My teacher says they don't really have jobs anymore for oxy/acetylyne welding. After learning oxy/acetyl. Will i be able to pick up on Mig and Tig pretty good?????
    I want a good welding job. Thanks~Andy~
    "My nose runs and my feet smell, you think it would be the other way around" ----Ralph Bean (welding teacher)

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    Oxy-Acetylene welding is not used primarily because of the time factor, I believe. Different processes are much faster and efficient. Learning Oxy-Acetlyene welding is important, though, because it is the best way to learn "what" you are trying to accomplish when welding and how to control a puddle. I have not tried TIG, but I would bet tat if you can OA weld you can master all other processes with little effort.

    Have fun and keep learning. If you have good knowledge and a POSITIVE ATTITUDE you will never have a problem finding work.
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      Learning how steel works at temperature is what welding is all about. If you have a good idea how things work ,no welding process will be a mystery.
      As to what jobs will be available, I can only say that the best will be employed, while the rest will be wishing they had a brother-in-law who owned a welding shop!
      work safe, always wear your safety glasses.

      Edward Heimbach


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        Even though there may not be many jobs out there for oxy/acet welding, it is still important to know how to use & understand this process. There will be times when it will be needed. Have your instructor teach you brazing & soldering also. Last but not least learn how to use a cutting torch correctly!
        In my 27 years of being a weldor, I've seen alot of people NOT get hired because they could not use a torch correctly if at all.
        Good Luck & hang in there. Gas welding strips of metal together in a booth can become really boring.
        John C


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          There are some gas companies out there still using O.A for hot taps. Learn all you can, knowledge is never wasted.
          Mike Sherman
          Shermans Welding