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    Bitternut & Arc Burn,

    You bet! I have one mounted on an air hammer. I use it whenever I'm trying to get into inside corners or hard to get into places. I got mine at Northern Tool some years ago. It wasn't very expensive, maybe $30.00. Fit right on one of my Chicago Pneumatic air hammers. Works great.

    "Some days you're the dog, some days you're the fire hydrant"

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    Used them for weeks at a time for paint prep in USN. Once got new B&D model that was junk. Hammer and buffer had to be replaced with needles. I can see using one to remove some stick welding slag but fluxcore slage is easy to remove with hand or powered wire brush.

    Don't use on aluminum, because work hardens and fatigues the aluminum.

    If you ever need to remove paint from small pipe less than 4" D wrap 1/4" chain about 6' long twice around the pipe. Then work chain around pipe by pulling alternatly on chain ends.