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    i'm looking for an opinon on jet band saws. fastenal can ordr me one for a reasonal price, i would like a users opinon on this machine please! i got my new mm175 fired up last night, what a beautiful machine it is. i welded a grinder stand together that i had cut out during the week. i used .023 wire which came in the box and bought a 156cft. tank of c25. i have a roll of .030 wire, after using the.023 i wish i would have bought a roll of .035 wire to try. i'm welding mostly 1/8 inch. still no compliants! chumly.
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    Are you talking about the small 4x6 JET with the 64.5 inch blade? Aweaver and deere_x475guy just bought bandsaws this size and decided that the JET was not worth the extra $50-60 over the price of the one at TSC. I'm sure they will chime in when they are online.


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      this is the same machine, menards had one for $259.00, i brought one home, but it's still in the box. i found one made in china for $180.00, but it looked pretty cheep. the jet had a better stand. i almost went to tsc but gas and time spent looking adds up too. thanks! chumly.
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        Ditto what Will and Aaron have already stated. We are in the process of doing upgrades currently to our saws. Will already has his cart for the saw pretty much completed and has a liquid catch tray build for using coolant on the machine. Today we are getting together at my home to figure out the hydrolic feed for these saws. We will be posting all the mods to the board when they are completed. Will has done a great job finding the coolant kit we needed and the hydrolic cylinders.

        Good luck on your decision.

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          I keep looking at saws but,

          this one keeps calling my name.

          I can get a way better price, than their asking.
          I do have a little milwaukie portable with stand
          That will have to do until I hit the lottery.
          The model 1600 would do it.


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            Re: I keep looking at saws but,

            Originally posted by Scott V
            this one keeps calling my name.

            I can get a way better price, than their asking.
            I do have a little milwaukie portable with stand
            That will have to do until I hit the lottery.
            The model 1600 would do it.


            We have the 1600 at work. The swivel head feature is real nice for when you want to cut an angle. All you have to do is loosen the tightening knob by hand and then pivot the saw to what ever angle you want to set the band to. On my 7x12 Jet saw that I have at home, to cut a 45 I have to actually, remove the fixed jaw of the vise and bolt it at a different position on the bed of the saw. Then of course I have to reposition the saw so that metal can be cut with out hitting other tools in the shop. The one thing that I dislike on the 1600 is the tensioning side of the vise. Instead of having a screw type mechanism that would allow you to tighten parts real secure., they have designed a cam lever mechanism that makes it difficult to secure large shapes in the vise. For example a while back I was trying to cut some 6" x 6 " x .250 sq tube , and we just couldn t get this mechanism to hold this heavy material securely . I ended up using a C clamp, to tighten the tube securely to the fixed jaw of the vise. On pipe or round tubing, you have to clamp the material with a C clamp or it tries to rotate. Now, a local machine shop that we deal with has this saw too and they have designed and built a screw mechanism to replace this cam mechanism with.

            The quality of the finish cut is excellent , dead on in both directions.
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            PM 180C

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              Ellis saw.


              It's good to here a report on the very saw I like best.The vice I could live with for awhile.

              If you start looking at wet saws,then the ellis matches up real well in price vs performance.

              This is one saw worth paying extra,because it's head,and shoulders above the imports.Even the imports that cost more.

              I could pick that saw up for $1900.00 plus shipping.


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                hey guys, i bought and decided to keep the jet bandsaw( horizontal/vertical) type. i did go over to tsc and look at their bandsaw, i liked the jet a little better. personal choice. tsc did have a real nice selection of hobart wire and accessaries. at our store hobart flux core .030-.035 wire just under $10.00 for a 2lb. roll. i thought that was pretty reasonable! happy with a new toy chumly.
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                  I have a 4 x 6 band saw. What kind of blades is everyone running? Where do you get them? I got my saw for $135. Harbor Freight was having a sale on them. There is a traveling tool company that comes to town once a year. I showed them the HF ad and they sold me the saw at the same price. The stand does suck but I have some ideas to fix it.
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                    I thought the $15,500.00 I paid for my saw was a steal. The real good saws go straight up from there. Sorry guys, I know your saws are for the garage and mine is industrial. I just thought you might want to know what the rest of us pay.
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                      Anybody have experience with this Jet?
                      Stock Number: 414459
                      Model: HVBS-7MW
                      Round Capacity at 90 degrees (in): 7
                      Round Capacity at 45 degrees (in): 4-1/2
                      Rectangle Capacity at 90 degrees (in): 2 x 12 - 7 x 8-1/2
                      Rectangle Capacity at 45 degrees (in): 7 x 5
                      Throat Depth (in): 7
                      Vertical Worktable (in): 9-3/8 x 10
                      Vise Swivels: 45 degrees
                      Blade Size (in): 3/4 x 0.032 x 93
                      Blade Wheel Diameter (in): 11-3/4
                      Blade Speeds (FPM): 85, 130, 180, 285
                      Bed Height (in): 23
                      Floor Space Required (in): 20-1/2 x 49-1/2
                      Motor (UL Listed): 3/4 HP, 1 Ph 115/230V Prewired 115V
                      Net Weight (lbs): 318

                      I'm thinking about getting this one. It's going to run about $850. Comments appreciated.
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                        That sounds like a good saw. Jet is #1 in my book.


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                          Mike Sherman, how about a picture and some specs for your Steal of a saw?


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                            For Mike Sherman?

                            yabut,can you roll your saw to a job site?For $15,500.00 it better drive itself there.


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                              I think message board member wlbrown has this saw, Drop an email to him, but I think he is quite satisified with it.