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  • Hh175

    What size all around flux core wire do you guys reccomend, what brand and what type. Also the same for solid wire. Thanks in advance.

    Bob Post
    Bob Post

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    wire size

    for your HH175 I would recommend .035 solid core. I have used several brands. The Hobart Weld-it brand seems to be readily available. I have not done any flux core welding so I will leave that call to someone else


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      I have had great results with .035 flux core. The best I have run goes by the trade name "Blue Demon"...The worst, "Inweld"
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        Hey Arbo

        Do you have any more info on that "blue demon" wire? I did a web search and could not come up with anything. Always willing to try what works for someone else.

        Thanks for any help.


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 sells "Blue Demon" wire. The 2lb spools of ER308L stainless, ER70S6 mild steel and 1lb spool of ER5356 aluminum, I have ordered from them have been "Blue Demon" brand. The 10 lb ER70S6 has been "HTP America Inc." brand. I've not had any problems ordering from them. Only problem is I think they still have a $50.00 minimum order.
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            You can always pad the order by picking up some more tips, nozzles, autodark helmut, sd180, etc.

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