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brazing using oxy/ace??

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  • brazing using oxy/ace??

    Any tips on how to braze 2 7/8 to 4 inch OD ( 1/4 inch wall ) using a oxy/ace outfit.

    What size of tip?
    What should my oxy/ace be set to 3psi?
    What should I use for my solder?
    What is the techique?

    Or am I wasting my time? I don't have a stick welder and can't afford one at this time ( a good welder ). I thought about renting one but it's been 15-20 years since I've burned any rods. I would be lucky if I could remeber how to strike an arc at this point


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    Weld It

    Not sure what shape your 2-7/8 is, but why not weld it with oxy/acetylene?

    I'll let the pros give you tip size and settings. I'd just turn it up 'til you get enough heat, use some filler rod and go for it!

    I hope this doesn't sound too crude but welding it should be better unless you have very dissimilar metals.

    "Some days you're the dog, some days you're the fire hydrant"


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      It's round steel pipe, and I cut the 2 7/8 to butt up to the 4 inch. Basically I am building pulling post for a barbwire fence ( 4 inch round post with 2 7/8 round brakets )


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        oxy/acet. brazing

        Lots of tubes have been brazed for heavy duty applications, but the fumes from the flux aren't conducive to good vision while brazing, and I think brazing is harder to learn than welding. I agree with Dave, I think it would be easier to weld it.

        Victor recommends the following pressures depending on tip size and metal being welded:

        #3 tip for 1/8"-3/16" thick set Oxygen 4-7 and Acetylene 3-6
        #4 tip for 3/16"-1/4" thick, set Oxygen 5-10 and Acetylene 4-7
        #5 tip for 1/4"-1/2" thick, set Oxygen 6-12 and Acetylene 5-8

        I got this from their Acetylene welding nozzle and cutting tip pocket data card. Their part # is 56-0411. Got it free from a welding supply several years ago. Data is close enough for most torches.