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mig gas pressure pressure

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  • mig gas pressure pressure

    I just bought a used mig (130) and would like to know how to set the regulator. I have argon and co2 mixed gas.

    doin the best I can with what I got

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    Set between 20-30 scfh. There are 2 calibrations on the dial, I think CO2 is on the outside and Argon on the inside. Whichevre way the scale is, treat the C25 as Argon. If it is a Hobart or Miller, you should be able to download a PDF file manual. Other mfg. have manuals available as well.


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      i have the manual for the mm135-mm175, looks to me the setting is the same for both machines at 20 cubic ft. per hour(cfh). chumly.
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        Flow gage is nice to speed your repeated settings and reduce wasted time and materials.

        You can reduce shielding gas flow rate until you start getting air mixed with shielding gas. You will then have hard time maintaintaining arc without higher voltage and your weld bead will look like swiss cheese. A little higher flow rate above that is minimum flow rate or you can increase flow rate until excess turbulence causes air to mix with shielding gas then lower flow rate a little. Someplace in between is what you can use depending on wind conditions. A little air movement in your welding area requires higher flow rates. This only works to limited degree before you loose shielding due to wind which must then be blocked or you must switch to selfshielding fluxcore wire.

        Before long you will see effect of welding without shielding gas with solid wire if only by accident.