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  • AC stick welders

    i was just wondering if all AC stick welders are "calibrated" the same as far as amp settings? i have a miller ac machine and i found that about 80-90 amp is the best range for 3/32" rod to strike easily and burn fairly consistently. however, a good friend (that has more experience than me) has a fairly new lincoln ac stick machine and he has it set at 75 amp for 3/32" and 1/8" and his welds look really great and he says he has no trouble striking and keeping the rod burning steady. could there be that much difference in brands or is it just experience doing it?

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    I would assume that most machines unless you get into the mega buck units are not calibrated. You gotta figure there are quite a few variables, if you're using a machine that reads the settings off the dial and not a digital readout, there's misalignment in the number plate, is the handle aligned correctly with the actual contactors inside the machine? Then you've got line voltage, that can fluctuate from 100 to 130 volts which would influence the output. Cable size, if the supply cable is a different gauge/length that would also influence the output due to resistance of the cable same deal for the welding lead....Mike


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      stick welders

      Even two identical welders right off the assembly line may weld at different settings. Best bet is to get Miller's stick calculator and set your machine for the mid-point of the recommended settings and go from there.