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    i have a couple questions about welding electrodes for the "pros" on here. first, most of my welding is on old rusty farm machinery for mainly repair work and i generally try to clean it best as i can before welding on it. cleaning means wirebrushing and/or grinding and/or sandblasting. i am using a 3/32" and sometimes 1/8" # 6011 electrode and i get a fairly good weld, but it is so tall and requires lots of grinding to make it look decent. a friend suggested that i use a # 7014 electrode and i tried it and i still get a tall, humped up weld. Is this a normal procedure? i have seen others use the basic process that i described and they have a much "flatter" weld that requires little or no grinding. by the way, i am welding at 80-90 amps with both of these rods. could i be moving too fast or slow? i also seem to get some "gaps" in my bead and have to go back and reweld. what could i be doing wrong? obviously i'm not very good at welding. any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    3/32 6011 40-85 amps
    1/8 6011 75-125 amps

    3/32 7014 80-125 amps
    1/8 7014 110-165 amps

    On all these, the middle of the range is supposed to be optimum. As you can see, the 7014 needs more amperage than the 6011. If you still are getting high beads with the correct amperage your travel speed may well be too slow.

    The 7014 is not what you want especially for the root pass; its too shallow penetration. A better choice would be the 6011. The 7014 is an easy rod to use. In my experience, with proper speed and amps, the flux peels off behind the electrode. Try 6013 also:
    3/32 6013 40-90 amps
    1/8 6013 80-130 amps

    Good luck!
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      Sounds like you do not have enough amperage (heat) to melt the base metal and the electrode.
      It's not an optical just looks like one


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        I've checked on the rods I use and manufactures recommendations, and as COPE as indicated earlier, your setting are a little low.

        Optimum amps for 6011
        - 3/32" = 60 amps
        - 1/8" = 100 amps

        Optimum amps for 7014
        - 3/32 = 80 amps
        - 1/8" = 130 amps

        Out of position welding reduces the amperage.

        This is just a starting point. You'll have to adjust accoring to your welder performance and material. Good Luck.
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