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??touching metal while welding??

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  • ??touching metal while welding??

    i wanted to know if it is safe to touch the metal while welding on it. can anyone help?

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    Even with gloves on you could suffer some bad burns from doing so. I might hold a part together long enough to tack it in place but to weld it, I see no reason to hold onto it. Don't really like the burns to my fingers.


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      Are you worried about being shocked? If that is the question, don't worry too much about it so long as your not standing in a mud puddle welding with the ground clamp hooked to your earlobe .

      I would bet you will figure out on your own about the metal getting hot and not holding on real close to where your welding.


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        thanks alot. but i mean to tell me i cant stand in a puddle of mud and clamp the ground to my ear??? i guess ill have to find a new way to weld :-D


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          electrical shock = not an issue under normal conditions.
          heat burns = thats possible
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            i didnt know you can get burned :-D.. just being a smart ***. thanks for the reply


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              They weld big ships and other things all the time while touching the metal. You can do headstands while welding just don't get between the arc.

              If you do have to weld where you are standing in wet grass or mud get an old fork lift pallet and stand on that.


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                Even if you are standing in a puddle you will just feel a little annoying tickle...I used to weld on big fishing boats all day and yes, you are often touching the metal that is being welded to. If you are sweety then you will feel a little shock sometimes, but 9 out of 10 times you wont even know you are touching it...of course besides if you get burnt


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                  I don't think the risk of being shocked is that big of one. I hold onto parts being welded all the time with my hands in leather gloves.

                  I have only been shocked welding once. That was tig welding with goat skin tig gloves. Don't remember if I was using ac or dc at the time or what the circumstances that might have caused that zap. It wasn't a big shock but it was enough to get my attention.


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                    Guys...under the right circumstances, less than 1 amp can cause cardiac arrest. I don't think I want any 100-200 amp "tickles" myself. So far, I haven't had any, and I'm trying to keep it that way.

                    Use insulated gloves, make sure you don't have any bare still touching the metal, etc. It's ok to hold the pieces while you tack them together if you have insulated gloves on...unless there's something odd, like you're standing in water, you've sweated so much the gloves and your t-shirt touching the work-clamp are soaked, etc. Make sure you have the work clamp connected and it's a good connection. Every one forgets that from time to time...I started hooking mine to the work table so I don't have to remember to hook it back up after I move the part around...

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                      Originally posted by davesisk
                      Guys...under the right circumstances, less than 1 amp can cause cardiac arrest.
                      Actually it's under 10 milliamps if the current flows across your heart (say, arm to arm).

                      You need a lot of voltage to overcome the resistance of dry skin...but if it's wet or sweaty.......



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                        OK, say your welding inside of a frame like table project. And the machine is out of your reach and you hang your stinger with an electrode intact over the framework. Now if the tip of the electrode happens to swing and contact, say your arm while you are holding onto the frame that has the ground clamp on it, then yes, you will be shocked! It ruined my day! Am I the exception to the dumbass rule? No, but I'll admit to being a dumbass so maybe someone can learn from my experience, it could have been fatal.
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                          A guy told me his brother got his watch permanently tattoed into his wrist while welding under a car or something. I guess the arc went thru the watch and got red hot.

                          Once when tig welding the arc went thru the filler rod and down my arm and into the table, but I was taking my foot of the pedal at the same time, so it was just a quick tickle.

                          Just gotta watch where you point the electrode. I also never leave an electrode in the holder when I put it down. I prefer not to take any chances.


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                            welding on a gate one day with the crappy stinger that came with my lincoln tombstone and the wire came out of the stinger. needless to say I squated down, inadvertantly placed my knee on the exposed wire and when I touched the rod to the gate it lit me up like a Christmas tree!!!! New stinger ordered the next day and problem solved. Haven't had a shock like that since my wise *** dad talked me into holding a spark plug to my 78 TT500 while he kicked it over.....shocking!!!
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                              thanks for all the info guys. i guess ill stick to wearing gloves all the time