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Weld Penetration Vs. Shielding Gases

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    While regulator freeze can be an issue at times in welding activities using CO2...when conditions for the occurrence are in place, I'd argue that you'd do well to research the subject more deeply to decide if it's warranted with your needs for welding.

    This CO2 to Co...Sounds like chemistry. I didn't do so well there. But if I had to guess, those extra oxygen atoms get burnt up on reentry of the electron. Just a guess? Stuff goes or gets converted some how or another? Chemistry 10, lol, I dropped it never looked back. My mistake let me tell you.


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      I decided to run straight CO2 in my 210 MVP and have been satisfied with results. I decided on CO2 for a few reasons.
      • I don't weld thin body panel type metal and wanted to ensure good penetration on the thicker metal.
      • I don't do "metal art" type welding so I don't need the "pretty" looking welds 75/25 yields. IMO, CO2 can yield some pretty good looking welds that suits my needs.
      • Cost...I have a 20lb bottle that I got filled for $20 at the local fire extinguisher repair/fill shop ~2 miles from my house. A 20lb bottle of CO2 is equivalent to ~175CF of 75/25 and will last me for ~10 to11 hours of welding time. I don't do a lot of welding so this bottle should last me quite a while.
      I'm using the regulator that came with my 210 MVP and haven't had it freeze up yet, but then I only weld in short bursts with some amount of time between the next burst.
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