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    Rocky D (or others),
    I have been looking for the Tri-Mix TIG electrode that is mentioned from the post below with no luck. Do you know a brand name or manufacturer for these? I have tried a couple of local suppliers but none of them seem to know about it. Thanks.

    Originally posted by Will
    What kind of rod is everyone using for steel? Pure tunsten? 2% thorium? or something else? I know there are advantages (and disadvantages) to each. I have been using 2% thorium on steel, but only because that is what the books say to use. Thoughts? Recommendations?

    Originally posted by Rocky D
    I've used 2% Thoriated for years, but now they tell me they are harmfull The tungsten I now use is called a Tri-Mix. It starts easier and is not radioactive, and does good all around, on steel, stainless and aluminum. Pure tungsten has been only for aluminum, but I'm told that the tri-mix is better. The reason for so many types of tungsten is, that some do better at low heat, and some better at high heat. Lanthanated or the tri-mix are the preferred tungstens to use in the industry today. You can do a search on the internet and find out more that you ever wanted to know about tungsten, if you want.

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    There are 2 AC/DCEN/DCEP all purpose electrode, first is the EWCe-2 (orange band) with 2%ceria. UNlike Thoria, Ceria is not radioactive. And then there is EWLa-1 (black band) with 1%lanthanum oxide. EWLa-1 has similar advantages and operating characteristic to the EWCe-2 electrode.

    As far as brand name/manufacturer, I cant help you out. I usually just go to the local welding supply shop and they always have a few readily available on hand so I never had to ask who the manufacturer etc.
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      Will here's where we get Tri-mix tungsten:

      Diamond Ground Products Offers the Best Tungsten Electrodes & Tungsten Grinders in The Welding Industry. ☎ 805-498-3837


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        Thanks, I'll check them out!