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mig welding car body gague thickness

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  • steelhanger
    If you are grinding and filling alot after mig welding car body, you are doing some thing wrong.
    Go to the smallest diameter wire that your machine will run, use the minimum heat you need to get a good bead, clean the the metal spotless, and clamp or use screws to hold panels tight to each other.
    If you follow these steps, a nice patch panel weld can be made.

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  • shaky
    started a topic mig welding car body gague thickness

    mig welding car body gague thickness

    It is good to see the thicker welds on the site, but the real test I find is producing quality welds on 18 and 20 g steel. I go back to thicker stuff to proove that I can still weld and to stop myself turning to the beer! As I have said before, I have years of gas welding auto bodies but was rather expecting mig to be the a step above this process. There seems to be an awful lot of grinding and filling which I didn't get with oxy/accetylene.

    PS I am still saving for the tig set up..... i am hoping this is tha answer! If you are logging on santa.....