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  • aluminum welding

    I'm new, so "Hello all!"
    I have a Hobart Handler 120, with which I'd like to weld together a small seat frame for a race-motorcycle. Can I just swap the spool for aluminum, the gas for argon and have at it? And if so: for a very small amount of welding, will the 75% argon mix I've been using be sufficient for the aluminum? Any other tips?

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    Welcome !

    It is recommended to use an air gun to blow out the torch liner when you make this wire change. Also check polarity.

    HH-135 recommends near max setting for 1/8" Al (volts 4, wire speed 90). Seemed hot to me, but I was working on small scraps. I suspect the overall mass of the parts is more of a factor with Al (a very good heat conductor) than with steel.

    Someone else will have to advise on the C25 vs pure argon. Pure argon is recommended. Not sure if you can "cheat" here. Think the mix might be colder ? and you are already pushing max settings.



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      I think safety will be the issue here, and skill level will be a factor also. A racing motorcycle? The machine will do it, and you do need pure Argon. Aluminum welding has a rather steep learning curve. Practice lots and do destructive testing before, and make sure the weld you make will not fail. Someone's life will be riding on the quality of your weld! Awesome responsibility, my friend!


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        Thanks for the replies and information. As far as safety goes, I would never dream of racing something that wasn't safe. I'm not talking about structural or stressed members here....just bracketry, etc.
        Thanks alot y'all