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  • sandblast prep

    I need to repair a leak in the tube exhaust header on my LandCruiser. The header is old and really should be replaced, but as I will soon be swapping the engine for a diesel, I do not want to spend the money to buy a new one.
    I have had it off before to weld up the pipes where they enter the flange at the head, but now it has developed a serious and annoying leak inside the collector where the six pipes come together to enter the exhaust pipe.
    In order to get at the trouble, I'm going to have to cut off the cone that covers the end of the pipe bundle, make the welds, and then weld the cone back on.
    What I want to know is, what is the best way to prep this area for the repair welds? I'm thinking it is going to be hard to grind or wire brush around the tube ends, and to make matters worse, the header is ceramic coated. Could the bundle area be sandblasted after the cone is removed to prep for welding, or does someone have a better idea?
    My brother tells me to just ignore it and wait till I swap the engine out, but I can't stand that **** clicky clicky exhaust leak sound, it's like finger nails on a blackboard to me!

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    Sandblasting will work if the metal is not too thin. A die grinder may do the trick also.
    Mike Sherman
    Shermans Welding


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      That's a good idea, and worth a try! I really don't look forward to taking that header off again!
      I've tried furnace cement on the outside of the tube bundle, but it always cracks off after a few heat cycles.


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        steel wool repair

        Steel wool repair can be made almost permanent if steel wool is soaked with sodium silicate(waterglass), before packing it in.
        Waterglass is used to glue furnace gaskets into place during assembly, it will take an incredible amount of heat, and dries rock hard.