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    Seems like a really basic question: All else being equal, does more wire speed mean more penetration in short circuit GMAW?

    As I understand it part of the sizzling sound is the arc making and breaking rapidly. More wire would seem to increase the time there is a short, more percent time with the current flowing, more heat.

    On the other hand, more wire is more metal to heat and melt.

    HH135, .030 solid, C25 on mild steel. I seem to be drawn to higher voltage settings (3, 4) and lower wire speeds (10-20) to get my better results. I have cut some, bent some and they don't seem too bad.

    I did experiment with Al, .030, pure agron. I was really worried about the recommended setting of max voltage and 90% wire feed ... figured I would have molten wire all over the place ... but it worked better than expected.


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    Your on right track thinking increased wire speed equals more penitration as higher wire speed results in higher current/amps. Amp is unit of measure for electrical current.

    Check out my post on MIG Settings at this link.