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  • ac arc welder

    sorry for doing this, i have just been giving a, lincoln weldnpower 150 ac only arc welder. gas powered and seems to run well. just looking for tips on welding with ac rod types, and any helpful hints.

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    First, never apologise for asking a question, it's the only way to learn something, secondly, welcome to this site, you'll find a lot of helpful people here.
    I'd go for some 7014 and some 6013 rods to try out with your welder, 1/8" diameter, burn a bunch of these and see how you do, keep us posted.
    work safe, always wear your safety glasses.

    Edward Heimbach


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      I have an AC machine and use 6011, 6013 in 1/8th and 3/32 sizes. I stay in the 90 or 75 setting on a Lincoln machine but sometimes go one click higher and it works well. The best rods I have used ....I hesitate to say this.... are 7018 rods from a box that had been opened just after Adam ate the apple in the deep HUMID south and made the best looking welds with the least grinding yet. The name brand was Washington and they are sold at Nex-Air supply. I don't recommend the rods though because after completing a welding project with them I learned that it was the wrong thing to do and interesting enough haven't been able to produce the same results since. I now use Washington 6011, 6013 with the best results my lack of skill can produce.

      As for tips, most people say take a welding class but if you don't just practice, practice, practice.


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        AC Gas Welder

        Unless you have AC welded a little in the past stick with the 7014 that Ed suggested to start with. Up here in Washington state we call it (Farmer Rod) it's a drag rod and you just stick it on there and go. It works well for a novice such as me. The guys at the welding shop also call it the (welding rod for idiots), and I said hum; I gotta get me some of that HAHA. Good luck.


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          thanks for the advice. i menat to say sorry for asking about a lincoln welder on the hobart site. but it was free so,,, guess that helps some. but i do have a hobart 135 and it it the best home use welder that i have used in my limited time as a home based welder. i build roll cages some chassis work with it and small trailers also.

          thanks again,