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  • metal powder spray welding

    I had to go look at a huge shaft for work to be filled and turned back down. its a 5'' shaft that got chewed up by a bad bearing. we were looking into powder spray welding to build the shaft back up and turn down again..i have no experience in this process does anyone have any. how hardy is the reweld/ buildup,the part weighs 7.5 ton yahoo.. thanks for reading

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    You can send a message to this guy. He does the process in a few of his videos. He is a nice guy and I am sure would offer you some advice.


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      thanks I will do that


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        Hi, back in the 50's I did metal spray coating to build up worn pump shafts etc and the process is a mechanical bond with the coating being applied with a Metco metal spraying gun.....various other makers also do metal spraying for various purposes.

        The shafts we repaired were about 100mm (4") diam and the worn part was in the gland area where the shaft is worn by the gland packing and aggressive slurry being pumped.

        The shafts were first turned down in the worn area and the metal was sprayed on using a Metco metal spray gun and oxy/acc to melt filler material and spray it on the undercut.

        The built up metal is then machined down to the size required.

        The build up metal is not like a weld build up, but more like a fused collection of particles that form a mechanical bond with the parent metal.

        For fun we also used to metal spray various objects, like wood, dead lizards etc with bronze metal spray to get a pseudo bronze sculpture.

        The biggest job we did was for a ship at sea that had a badly worn rudder shaft, and the shaft was approx 250mm (10") diam.


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          I plan on studying this method. I think unfortunately I will be just welding up the shaft in a set of rolls. I like to learn and keep goin in all aspects of the weld industries. if the company that owns the piece is willing to part with any money I will do it and try to post some before and after pics thanks.


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            Contact Rick at TN Metalizing He has a lot of experience in metalizing and coating.