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    The local shipyard is hiring welders again. I want to go get a job there, but they require a welding test that seems similar to the certification test. I'll have to use 7018 rod to butt weld two beveled plates together with a backer plate. The the weld must pass a 90o bend test without microscopic cracking. The test is administered in the vertical and overhead position.

    What is most important for me to pass this test? I bought a bunch of scrap to practice with before taking the test this Friday.
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    Can't help with your question but I do wish you lots of luck. Let us know how you made out.
    It's not an optical just looks like one


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      Mike, this is a standard groove plate test. Practice is important, keep the backing plate tight and make certain you get complete fusion between the two plates and the backing when welding. Try to change electrodes in the middle of the plate or not at all. Use a new electrode for each time you start. Pick up a set of slag picks at your local supply store. Use them to remove any and all slag the chipping hammer does not remove. Do not hammer your weld with the slag hammer. It is designed to be dragged across your weld, hammering will deform the weld and hide slag. If you hit the weld, do so in a light tapping manner and use your picks. There is no time limit on taking a test. Just work steady. I like to set up one test, say the vertical, make a pass on it and then set up the overhead while that one cools. Then move back and forth between the two pieces so neither one gets too hot. Use a grinder only if absolutely necessary. It may or may not be permitted by your prospective employer. It is their choice. The best welders won't need one. But I would certainly use one if you make a mistake and bury some slag. You will at least show that you know when to use one. Good luck and let me know how you do.
      Mike Sherman
      Shermans Welding


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        Just out of curiosity, what are they paying in the shipyards? I have always heard that it is hard work. Most welders around here do pipeline work which uses API guidelines as a standard.


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          The local shipyard pays $20/hr with plenty of OT. They build cruise ships, barges, and tugboats. I have a college degree, but the job market is such a wreck that I am exploring welding jobs.
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            I never went back to take the test. I got a job with a welding contractor that will give me lots of practice. Maybe next year...
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