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finger tip controller!!!!

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  • finger tip controller!!!!

    I'm starting to hate it.
    I have the finger tip controller with my dynasty 200.It's not a problem untill I start to turn the amps down then the torch wanders everywhere.
    I've tried moving it around to find a comfortable position.It seems like a more flexible cable would have been better
    Any pointers and pictures?
    And what about movement of the torch.Straigt line and dipping rod in puddle or circular motion or ???
    Thanks again
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    All I can offer you is,with more practice time it will get easier and I think you will probably like it.It just takes time to adjust to using it.Practice,Practice,Practice.Scott


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      As long as you have your hand resting on something, you shouldnt have a problem.

      I switch from the foot pedal to the thumbswitch all day, and I dont have a problem.


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        Remember this is why it’s so important to set your machine to just enough amps to do the weld so that when you pull the finger-tip control back the pool will start to solidify right away. With a foot pedal, you can comfortably set the machine well above and control the amps with your foot, this however is not a good practice with a finger-tip control.


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          Thanks again guys.
          I know that I need to learn to use the finger tip controller.If I ever get past the learning curve .
          I'll try setting the amps lower.I was thinking of higher so i wouldn't have to turn the controller so far.I have the north-south controller
          For example on 1/16 ss set the amps to around 50? And on alum. to around 65?
          Also what about torch movement.Do you move straight foward or use any circular or lifting motion as in gas welding(never done that)?
          I have the student hand book.Just looking for other methods from you well more experienced tigger's.
          I wish some of you lived in my area!
          Thanks again