Hey people how you doing?...... Anyways I really wanted to get into fabricating my own parts for my car and my car club members. Dont worry i dont plan on welding the frame or anything extreme, but making parts like stress bars, tie bars, mid braces. Basic stuff with a center peice and end peices welded, then bold it to the car or weld it in.

My first attempt was really messy, it took me a while to get the right mix and heat that i needed to weld my Xbrace into the trunk.

I have read online how to's for oxyace welding, most places agree its better for a beginner to learn it. The Xbrace i welding in hold really well, i cant break the welds , i tryed with all my 6'4 290lb might, so even though its sloppy it came out pretty strong.

My next project will be a rear lower tie bar, which will consist of a 15" long 1/8" thick by 1.5" wide bar welded to 4" long 1/8 x 1" end peices which will be bolted to the A arm links.

From what i've read about aluminum is that it melts quick and will solidify quick. And that it should be warmed up to about 600-700 degrees prior to cranking the oxyace to high.

Any pointers would be so extremely welcome.

Please check out my crappy 1st ever welds at http://supportportal.freeservers.com/pscmotorworks/ and click on the cross bar links towards the bottom. I really enjoy working with metal. Thanks.