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    All they need to do is send correct connector with 2ea 6" wires sticking out from correct pins. You cut off or unplug old connector from trigger leads of new electrode cable. Then install spade connectors as required and join new plug with spade connectors covering with heat shrink tube to insulate spade connections.

    They might want old connector back.


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      I guess I wasn't clear about my problem. I can change over to spade connectors easily as you said, but its the brass end of the mig hose/cable that is too big in diameter. Its .7 inches in diameter where the hole in the welder is .469 inches. I posted a picture a couple of replies back to show the size difference.

      I post again when I get it resolved.
      It's not an optical just looks like one


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        Originally posted by Al T.
        Update on my extra gun purchase,

        The gun I ordered was the M10/H10 compatible, I thought this was correct because the gun accessories kit from Cyberweld states its for M10 or H10 size guns. Wrong one. The plug in end is far too fat to fit in and the trigger connection was the twist on type instead of push on spade type. Picture attached.
        Hobart Handler measures, length is 2.14 inches and diameter is .469 inch

        I emailed and within an hour they called me to straighten out my problem. They asked that I send a email with a picture of my plug with measurements. Thank God for email. I look forward to a speedy solution.

        Anyone recognize the plug on the left side?
        It looks alot like a Miller M-25, could'nt be sure, unless I tried it, tho, Al.


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          Gun Update

          My new gun is on its way, their tech support called and knew exactly the gun I needed. They shipped it out right away and gave me a RGP# to return the wrong gun.

          My advice is to call them when ordering weld guns from them so you get the correct one first time. I found their home page a little vague on which gun is which. Keep in mind I'm new at this and thought I had picked the correct gun.

          I'll let you know when I get the gun.
          It's not an optical just looks like one