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    Anybody run any .023 on a 251? I have a piece of perforated sheet metal that is 22 gauge that I need to weld to some 16 gauge tubing. Not really very much welding. I can probably tack most of it up. Do I need the .023 wire, then a liner,tip ,drive roll,etc.? I've got a roll of .030 and I can flip the drive roll I've got if that would work ok. If the 251 would get that low I might find some more use for the skinny wire.If I was going to use the .023 much I think I would leave that liner in the M-25 gun and get a little heavier gun to use with .035 which I'm using the most of. Any suggestions? or opinions? Thanks to all. David

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    I had the same situation here ;difference is I have the MM210.
    My solution was to set up the spoolgun with .023 and leave the big spool of .035 set up for the mig gun. That way when I have panels to weld just grab the spool gun and go. For me that works well. I Always having both ready to go and no wire change over.If I did much Al it wouldn't be worth the bother but I don't usually.
    Just my 3 cents worth
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      210 & .023

      Harold thanks for the reply! I have an Xra gun(push/pull) for aluminum, but I haven't used it much yet. Does the .023 run ok on the 210? You have the type setup I would want if I was using more small sized wire, just quicker to change over. David


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        If you dont have much to do the 030 will work fine, actually I never use 023. For me its just too small.


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          I have used .023 on sheet with my mm251 and it SURE is pretty. The nice thing about it is you aren't transferring a lot of heat to the piece itself. I noticed very little warpage or burn-through. I opted for the liner, drive-roll, and everything.

          Where are you located? If you're close to Lawrenceville, I wouldn't mind loaning them to you for a couple of days.
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            Welding Skinny Stuff

            Hey thanks for the replys. S I've got some .030 I'll try that first. I welded a floor pan in an old Shelby Cobra Mustang for a friend of mine the other day with his welder. I think it was a Miller 120>it had a mini mig gun(real small) and it had .023 wire. It worked great just like Blues said didn't heat up the floor pan too much at all. I could borrow his machine or take the project to his house but I figured I would see what yall had to say first. Blues I'm originally from Atlanta, my sister in-law lives in Lawrenceville. I live on Lake Oconnee. Thanks for the offer! I'll try the .030 first since its a small job. Thanks for the assistance! David


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              I think that people who live on a lake should sell me their property real cheap so I can move there that is of course if there are any fish in there worth catching
              Regards, George

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                Yes, I am sure 023 will work better and if I had a lot of body panels to weld in I might use it. I have the first roll of it somewhere I bought over 10 years ago. Its just a personal thing about running bigger wire. I have a smaller machine (still 240V) that I keep 030 in for exhaust and light work and I am kind of a speed demon anyway so the 023 is just too small for me. When you step up to light plate it is way too small and I just find that the 030 gives some versatility without having to change wire all the time. My small machine has stepped voltages so settings are not hit and miss and I can go right to it for more demanding work. After you have been doing this a while you get more results orientated, while you are learning its a little different. On my big machine I rarely adjust, sometimes turn down or up on real particular jobs, but most of the time I just blast it. Sometimes you might take a piece of copper bussbar and hold behind it for small work. Great for filling a crack too. I did it the other day when I had a couple teeth stripped off of a star wheel on a brake adjuster, built them up, took a die grinder and reground them. Would have taken 2 days to get a new one, 5 mins to fix.
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                  Thanks S you are a pretty ingenious guy. I liked the way you pressureized the rear end to keep the metal shaving out,pretty slick.I never got a chance to post on that one so I'll tell you here. I had some .030 and I didn't want to go buy some .023 and the rest of the stuff I'd need if I didn't have too. I trying to save for a bender right now. Lotta fish here Sundown, if I just had time to catch them. I'm going to work on my boat over the winter(some aluminum changes,modifications for a livewell that will keep shiners alive)as this year I didn't get to fish much. I tore out the old carpet and replaced it with new,got the new livewell mounted in the boat and thats as far as I got. I'll get to use the tig on the aluminum once I have the gameplan down. David
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