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MIG'ing #22 (.030) sheet metal

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  • MIG'ing #22 (.030) sheet metal

    Hoping for guidance

    V-setting: 1
    Wire Sp: 10
    Wire solid .023
    Gas: C25 mix
    Day: Friday

    Practicing on sheet metal. Three strips of 1x2"; 22 guage welded together. Flat position, butt seams and "beads on solid".

    The first attached pix (I hope) shows the weld side. The second the back side. Lots of sag and some burn thru.

    Hoping for some instruction on this. It seems very hard to control.

    Some of the better looking beads were just on the base metal (not an actual seam) ... get the distance right, pull the trigger, and move quite fast. Good for practice, but if it were a real seam this could easly stray to one side or the other and leave gaps or weak spots

    Wondering, if I turn up the wire speed, would I get a more "piled on top" and less sag thru ... or more heat and more burn thru.

    all inputs welcomed ... except, I guess, you need a different welder.


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    back side


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      They are kinda hard to see because they are so small. Any chance to resize them?
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        You don't mention what length stick-out you are using. It can make a difference when dealing with the thin stuff. Try backing off to an inch or better and tinkering with wire speed. Keep practicing and you'll get it. One of the hardest things I learned was doing the thin stuff.

        PS Your welder is plenty...You don't need another one as long as this one works
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          I was using about 1/4" stick out. Works OK to around 1/2". Beyond that the snap and pop at start up gets pretty ugly. More wire helps some. The answer is probably practice. Now making OK looking "attachment" of sheet metal, but a long way from a leak proof seam.