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T/a 185 aluminum problem

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  • T/a 185 aluminum problem

    Trying to weld some 1/8 plate just got the machine this week I can't establish a arc it jumps around buzing and leaving black pitted metal until it burns the tip. have tryied many of the setups for the machine listed prevous on the board it does this no matter what the settings. also it has poped up e03 code 1 or 2 times. it seems to work fine in DC.

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    e03 error code means the primary input voltage is to high. There might be something wrong with you power outlet.
    What voltage you have it conected to?
    If it's too low you'll get this message.
    See page 46 of your manual.

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      Are you using an extension cord from your 230V supply to the welder? If you are is it number 10 wire, smaller wire may cause a voltage drop and give you an error code for low input voltage.

      Does the aluminum you are attemting to weld on could have an anodized coating on it ?

      Suggested starting parameters for 1/8" aluminum

      shield gas: Argon 15 - 20 CFH
      Tungsten: 3/32" thoriated or lanthinated (pointed for arc control)
      set for AC HF tig with foot control
      Initial current: 20 amps
      Weld current: 125 amps
      AC blaance: 20 - 30
      AC freqency: 60 - 80
      Post flow: 3 - 4 sec.
      tungsten to work distance 1/8"


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        MX,maybe you could use these settings when you get it working right.It worked for Mike with his 185.


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          MX-BEEBOP.............Did you get this unit working properly....... Rock.. [email protected]


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            Had the wrong gas. 75 25, I traded up for a larger bottle and the guy figured I'd get my usual. needless to say I'm happy. I have no tig EXP. but from what i can tell its a wonderful machine.