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  • Steven Scott

    Please do something with the past post about the HIWT BOOK like deleting the other people's posts about the "nonsense" and rediculus matter they have stated because their posts do not have anything to do with the book and I think they are harassing my good name here! I expect you to do something or someone of higher authority than "YOU!" because you seem to follow the same category.

    BTW I am not making any disturbances and haven't made any.

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    Btw guys an internet welding consultant is something I made up because when you help people on the internet even to the fullest extent of your own knowledge you still could be a consultant.Why would the guy with all the names come back when I read before that he said he wasn't coming back.There also is no need to ban my ip address because with this whole age of the current username I have never caused one trouble!.....Rock you can even check every message with this name that I did not cause a bit of trouble with this name and "YOU" rock can verify that with the others I perhaps seen other names such as want to weld and I believe morpheus doing more harassment and dirtying up the board than I did but I will probaly make another complaint and continue to if the matter doesn't get resolved perhaps banning some other people's ip's such as want to weld,doctor love,or morpheus and I can reveal their ip addresses if you need them!...because I have them.


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      I feel your pain man!