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I would like to try .023 wire and

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  • I would like to try .023 wire and

    I would like to try .023 wire and c25 in place of the flux cored wire I have been using on my Handler 135 when welding thin metal.
    Do I need to change the liner in the feed hose? What size tip should I use?



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    Check out the attached thread.


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      Yes, you have to change the tip. Miht want to change the liner and save if for the cored again. I would think eventually the small wire may run a groove in it.


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        Running .023 wire in your stock linner is done all the time. Using oversized linner causes a little more drag well rollers push so lets call it effert to push wire through linner. Changing linners is cheap but takes some time so most tend not to do it unless really needed. If you have feed problems then change linner.


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          WARHAMMER...........WELCOME ABOARD........We make a .023 liner. I never had much luck running .023 thru a .030/.035 liner but hey give it a try, you might have better luck than I had........

          If you have a problem then the liner to use is part number 194010 with a list price of $17.29 and I have over 100 in stock And they are available thru Miller Electric................

          Let us know if it works out for you..............Enjoy the site.....I always like to ask how you found it.........The site......Rock.. [email protected]


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            Thanks for the reply's

            I found the site from the Hobart website from when I was looking to buy the Handler 135 I currently own. That was over a year ago.

            The old Welding Talk board(and this one) is the best site on the web I have found for welding discussions by far.

            I have had a great time with the 135. Time to work on projects is limited but I have managed to make a tile coffee table, a dirt bike stand and to repair several items around the house.

            I would like to try welding some thin wall items like several two stroke expansion chambers I have needing repair. I'd also like to try making a small form factor computer case out of sheetmetal. Those projects are the reason behind the .023/c25 question. I am looking for less burnthrough and hopefully (much)nicer looking welds.

            One of these days I am going to move up to a Millermatic 251 with the Spoolgun.



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              I have run .023 wire on my MM210 with no problems. Just change the tips and go. Though lately I've been using .030 almost all the time.


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                Warhammer, that expansion chamber on the dirt bike is pretty easy, you just gotta make quick little tacks to keep from blowing through. I filled some rusty spots on a friend's old bike just last week. I was using a little cheap-O Century 110v with .030 fluxcore. I thought it was gonna be more difficult than it was.


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                  when you change from fluxcore to solid wire & gas don't forget to change the polarity! .... don't ask me how I know what happens if you don't

                  - jack