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FREE-NEWBIE smaw/gtaw/gmaw info

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  • FREE-NEWBIE smaw/gtaw/gmaw info

    Thanks to the folks at Miller, the following are available for your newbie education:

    SMAW (from the student package):

    GMAW (again from the package):

    GTAW (excerpts from the GTAW book in the student package, with some recommended initial settings):


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    Hey I just bought the Miller student package and this book wasn't in it!!

    That's okay.. I got it now
    Thermal Arc 185 TSW


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      want2weld says: "...this book wasn't in it."

      Well, you're going to have to be a bit more specific than that! I listed 3 booklets, two of which should be in the student package, and the gtaw booklet which has been newly published. The student package comes with a fine GTAW book anyways.



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        No B.F.D.

        This info has been on the miller site for a while.
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        Thermal Arc 185TSW


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          It may not be new to you, but the tig booklet is relatively new since it was published in July of 2003. To the newbies here with their new welders, all of this information is new to them judging by the questions they keep asking.



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            Dseman- sorry, I meant the Tig book. I wasn't saying that the TIG book included with the student guide wasn't a good book.. only that it didn't include the book you posted. BTW- my student welding package arrived to my door about 2 weeks ago.

            I for one appreciate any learning materials I can get my hands on. Thank you Dseman.
            Thermal Arc 185 TSW