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Hey Rock, How About A Welding School Link Page?

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  • Hey Rock, How About A Welding School Link Page?

    Dear Rock,

    Here is an idea for the Hobart web site. Have a links page to welding schools including commercial, vo-tech, community college and college. Seems someone is teeing up here once a week looking for training and this would be good place to refer them to a school close by. Have it on a zip code or state search so they can find a school near them.

    Here is two to start your list with:

    Dallas, Texas

    Mountain View College

    Gainesville, Texas

    North Central Texas College


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    Here's 2 in MA.

    Monty Tech, Fitchburg MA

    The Massachusetts Career Development Institute, Springfield MA


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      Aftermarket Education

      Hey I think these guys have a good idea! Rock get busy on that one. Miller has a welding school too doesn't it. How about a Welding Roadshow? You could schedule them for a week when you have the big truck going around. Yall need to get the truck rolling. I know gas is high, but I think Miller's missing out on some business. I'd pay for a weeklong couse from the Mobile Miller Welding Roadshow.David


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        traveling short course....

        great ideas on the directory and the traveling short course truck.

        sad news about my night course at the local voc tech...
        it has closed. the day program is still inplace but the night one has shut down. am hopeing it will start up again . problems with getting a instructor (regular one has been off on medical) i was told. and they didnot want to use a sub for the whole course.
        pinellas county voc-tec , clearwater,fl.



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          If you're near Rochester, NY the oldest distributor of Miller equipment in town has some excellent training programs.
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            Here's the one i might be going to VC


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              here is another way to find info.
              i went to the VICA site and while they do not have a list of the welding programs associated with vica on there site... they do have a list of state directors who do have those lists.

              you can find list of state directors at....



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                Originally posted by vipermanz
                Here's the one i might be going to VC
                that looks like a pretty good place viperman.

                - jack


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                  OK GENTS...........You know when I see a suggestion I always pass it on...........So this is being forwarded and once again gentlemen thanks for you input and ideas..............

                  [email protected]