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    Re: wow... 35 cents a gallon

    Originally posted by p.dow
    1954 ????


    Even later than that... around 1967. All those muscle cars were being filled around 45 cents a gallon.

    The best price I remember paying was 22 cents a gallon. Back then there were a lot of gas wars and the 22 cent thing would happen for about a day... I only remember once it going that low. A "talked about price" was around 25 cents a gallon. I didn't know anyone my age that would put more than $1.00 in their tank at a time. Of course parents would 'fill-up' but the kids wouldn't. $1.00, then drive around until it was on fumes and back to the "self-serve" gas station. These self-serves were pretty unique back then and parents either was a little confused about filling the gas themselves or "expected" to get their windshield washed, their tires and oil checked for a dime more.

    You had two choices, Regular or Ethyl (premium)... both lead in the fuel. Might have been cheaper in Texas but back then where I lived, Okla, the 2 of the 3 big oil corporations had their home in Tulsa (along with about a dozen more smaller ones).

    -Chad- Here is the "metal dog" that I talked about:


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      Forgot about the eyes:


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        that dogs got character...

        very lively lookin creation.....